Floor-standing S-type aerosol

QRR12/SL Thermal Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Device

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Product Type: System Type
Product Model: QRR12/SL
Extinguishing Quantity: 12Kg
Dimensions: 800X30X680 (mm)

Product weight: 66Kg

S-Type Aerosol Advantages:

convenience store: S-type aerosol fire extinguishing agent will not leak, without pressure vessels, without pipe network, discharged quickly after release.

Green: clean product non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-conductive, does not destroy the ozone layer. Excellent green products.

Economic and durable: aerosol fire extinguishing system covering less, low cost, easy set up, wide adaptability, easy to maintain, long working life, etc. is an ideal substitute for other types of fire-fighting products.

Fast and efficient: extinguishing efficiency of the S-type aerosol fire extinguishing efficiency is about 17 times that of carbon dioxide, 13 times the mixed inert gas, the heptafluoropropane of 9 times, four times in Dragon extinguishing efficiency is much higher than other fire extinguishing system.



S -type aerosol automatic fire extinguishing system for total flooding fire extinguishing systems, suitable for extinguishing relatively closed space of A, B, C, E class of fire.

  • Construction industry: high-rise building, transformation and distribution of industrial buildings, libraries, archives, data room, underground storage room safes.
  • Communication industries: telecommunications room, computer room, communication base stations, relay stations, the distribution cabinet data processing room, remote control room, precision equipment distribution cabinet.
  • Power industry: cable tunnels, cable shaft, the cable channel narrow space, generator room, substation, UPS systems, power plant equipment.
  • Metallurgical industry: mill between devices, electronic instruments, control room, electrical basement cable mezzanine, cable tunnel transformer room.
  • Petrochemical industry: flammable liquid storage areas, insulation oil depot, change (with) electric, generator room, cable tunnels, cable wells, distribution cabinet, switch cabinet.
  • Transport industry: train locomotives, railway source line signal station, substation station signal building, highway signal station, car engine, turbine engine room, ship engine room.
  • Other industries: CNC and other high-priced machine, high-priced mobile devices.


Technical Parameters:

  1. Working ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
  2. Work environment Relative humidity: ≤ 95%
  3. Working storage pressure: atmospheric
  4. Design density: 130g/m3
  5. Start voltage: DC 3 ~ 24V/AC3 ~~ 220V
  6. Starting current / time: 1 A/5ms
  7. Maximum safe current time: ≤ 150rnA/5min
  8. Minimum starting current and time: ≧ 250rnA/5ms
  9. Life: 7 years
  10. System composed convenient, can be more than one connection.


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