CO2 Systems

High Pressure CO2 fire suppression systems

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Carbon Dioxide CO2as an extinguishing agent is very fast and thorough. It smothers a fire within seconds and creates no damage to the surrounding area. Stored under pressure as liquid, 51 bars at 20 (720 PSIG at 70) carbon dioxide when released through a nozzle (s, expands to vapour then quickly and effectively permeates through the protected hazard and by reducing the oxygen in the atmosphere with its extreme density rapidly suppresses the fire.

A Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System consists of one or more bank of cylinder storage container storage containers to supply the CO2 extinguishing agent. Flexible discharge loops, or hoses, connect the cylinders to a high pressure steel manifold. The manifold in turn distributes the agent into piping net work nozzles regulate the flow of CO2 gas into the protected area.

CO2 is clean and leaves no residue, which eliminates costly after-fire clean-up and keeping expensive "downtime" to a minimum, Most materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other metals as well as plastics, rubber and electronic components are unaffected by exposure to CO2.

Technology Parameters


Model No.


Container Storage Volume (L)


CO2 Filling


Executive Standard


Storage Pressure (20)


Storage Cylinders Max Working Pressure


N2 Power (20)

6.0 Mpa

Working Power

Main Power Supply : AC220V/50Hz

Standby Power Supply: DC24V

Capacity Disspate

When Hint15,W When Alarm:30W

Environment Conditions

Temp:0-50; Humidity:95%

Activation Method

Electrical, Automatic Manual, Emergency Mechanical

Activation Delay

0-30S adjustable



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