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 According to relevant statistics, in 2012 , Shijiazhuang City, the vehicle population over 3 million , representing an increase of 600,000 in 2011 . Occurrence rate of vehicle fires also increased year by year , according to statistics 105 , property damage reached 2.356 million yuan in 2012 , Shijiazhuang, total vehicle fire accident .

A vehicle fire cause analysis
From the current statistics , the vehicle is involved in a higher percentage of fires , mostly small cars , followed by van , bus . There are many reasons a vehicle on fire , there are two cases, one suddenly caught fire while driving state ; Another case is still state fire. Here we have the cause of the fire vehicle summarized as follows :
1.1 internal electrical short circuit
Common phenomenon after another or collide with wires , current suddenly increases, resulting in the burning wire insulation surface fire . Cause an internal short circuit the following reasons :
Insulated wire and cable ( 1 ) of the vehicle does not meet the vehicle 's own environment and the specific requirements of the car while driving due to vibration , temperature and corrosion or partial loss of insulation caused by a short circuit .
( 2 ) due to insufficient strength and wire fixed wiring unreasonable, leading to prolonged friction or under the action of mechanical forces break off contact and collision .
( 3 ) did not cause a short circuit in accordance with the position set up to develop the power cord .
( 4 ) human error led to a short circuit wiring .
1.2 generate heat inside the device overheat or cause a fire
Electric vehicles are not securely connected line contacts , leading to local resistance is too large to produce high-temperature melt the wires or contacts , ignite surrounding combustibles. For example , the generator terminal connection is not reliable due to high temperature , igniting the surrounding debris , grease fires .
1.3 hydraulic system failure caused by a fire
Most vehicles with gasoline or diesel fuel to kinetic energy in the combustion engine to drive the vehicle . Gasoline and diesel burns easily , so easily cause malfunction of the vehicle the oil fires . The main causes of fires hydraulic system failures are the following:
( 1 ) incomplete combustion of the fuel within the cylinder fire
When the mixed gas into the engine cylinder is too thick or channeling oil , fuel can not be completely full combustion in the engine cylinder, while the exhaust pipe exhaust smoke emissions on Mars , if on the ground or above the exhaust pipe with oil or other flammable items on may cause a fire.
( 2 ) oil pipeline connector is loose or damaged pipeline leak caused fire
Vehicle fuel supply system mainly tanks, pipes , pumps and carburetors and other components. In the course of the vehicle due to corrosion, impact , vibration, aging and other reasons pipe joints loose , oil cracking and other damage phenomena , so that the fuel leaks, the gas with air to form an explosive encounter sparks of fire or contact with electrical lines prone fire or explosion . If the leak is more than at this time , is bound to cause serious fires.
1.4 mechanical deformation
Vehicle crash or rollover mechanical deformation caused by the vehicle hydraulic system may cause a short circuit and cause damage and fire . The specific reasons:
(1) After the crash , easy to make the vehicle fuel tank, pump, pipe rupture, causing fuel injection, in case of engine temperature or spark to fire ;
(2 ) a high-speed collision of the vehicle , the impact force is relatively large , resulting in damage to the fuel system direct collision occurs , resulting in explosion and fire
(3 ) vehicle crash , which easily deformed shell of the vehicle itself, damaged electrical wiring insulation , causing the vehicle electrical short circuit caused the fire ;
( 4 ) the carriage of dangerous chemical substances , such as unstable due to the impact of fire ;
( 5 ) due to the impact , the car in case of engine temperature or flammable contact with hot exhaust pipe and fire.
1.5 mechanical friction
( 1 ) caused by a vehicle tire fire
According to vehicle tires and the physicochemical properties of the material constituting the past fire accident analysis, mainly due to a tire fire :
1.1 As the tire to run for a long time in excess of the standard load conditions , the internal heat build-up caused by spontaneous combustion ;
1.2 As the brake " bite " , brakes not working , friction generate heat after high-speed operation , is passed to the tire , the tire is also easy to cause spontaneous combustion heat .
( 2 ) caused by a fire engine lubrication system
Engine lubrication system of the vehicle in oil, mechanical contact with each other and relative motion , friction generates heat, causing a fire when touched fuel and other combustible materials . The engine bearings , pistons, cylinder walls , gearbox wear due to defects or manufacturing , can lead to excessive friction heat . Finally, causing the vehicle to catch fire.
Two vehicle fires disposal countermeasures
1 , fast and the principle of proximity firefighting forces dispatched to shorten the time to reach the scene of a fire
" Nearest forces deployed to fight early scene " is a principle of our fire fighting . In terms of road traffic , especially in remote areas such as highways , no outdoor fire hydrant , no natural pools. Water is our first uploaded water tank fire .
Traffic roads are of a different location, the length varies across segments , which is not rigidly stick to lots of car fire on the jurisdiction of the lot to the fire brigade , and should be considered as a whole , strengthening the fire brigade connection , collaboration, tie . Determined from the nearest fire power as the fire first responders to reach the scene in order to shorten the time for early water, extinguish the fire as soon as possible .
2 , the rapid evacuation , rescue trapped people .
When the multi- car collision fires , body deformation, often causing damage to the cockpit door staff can not get out , firefighters according to site-specific circumstances , can be used cranes, cutting machines and other equipment in the spray water protection as soon as possible to rescue trapped people .
3, control the spread of fire , extinguish the fire as soon as possible .
In the course of the vehicle to extinguish the fire , but also should take a "first control to eliminate the" principle by taking into account the limitations of water to fight a quick fix.
For larger fire to pay attention to control the fire and protect unburned vehicles. Mainly on the vehicle 's fuel tank, tire use of water cooling . Because the car after driving suspended , with the decline in ventilation conditions , tire friction due to the accumulation of heat causes the tire temperature rising , often caused by spontaneous combustion or explosion tires , threatening the lives of firefighters .
Fire , in the use of the gun , as gun control and the attack should direct water -based, because the DC gun flow . Car stereo while fire is a fire . Under gravity flow into the vehicle interior , and further serve to cool the cooling effect of the fire .
Third, the problem of disposal of vehicle fires should be noted
1 , first of all, should maximize the rescue of human life , and rushed to a hospital . After the search is completed in distress , the appropriate situation to use large equipment , such as tractors and so on.
2 , fire fighting and rescue operations, to be well-organized , strict discipline, combatants must wear a fluorescent marker of clothing , when action must obey the command , do not walk around ;
3 , arrived at the scene when selecting a parking position , should be beneficial not only to fire fighting and rescue unfolds, but also to take into highway traffic, with particular attention to their own safety, to prevent " secondary accidents ."
4 , after the accident processed, should be disarmed as soon as possible , quickly restore traffic order .
IV Conclusion
Gradually increasing the number of cars and large-scale use in the development of society and people's life, work to bring the convenience , it also brings some security risks. Nowadays vehicles mainly liquid , gaseous fuels as primary energy , so that the increase in insecurity in the vehicle , resulting in a vehicle fire accidents occur frequently . Therefore, all departments should make a detailed plan for the disposal of a vehicle fire , quickly dispatched after reaching the alarm , quickly arrived at the scene , quickly extinguishing requirements, thus fast, safe disposal. The greatest extent possible to restore the loss of life and property of the people.
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